Big Brother 6 Premiere

Man, Howie the meteorologist with the grossly surgerized face is a tool! That is the first thing that ran through my head as these 14 contestants strutted their stuff in horribly scripted and forced �character introductions� to begin this summer�s installment of the guilty pleasure BB6. Howie�s toolocity continued the more he was on screen � I just can�t look at that face of his. Sicka!

Overall it looks like a fun season � the revamped house is incredibly large and the addition of more camera�s and incredibly more microphones should prove for some interesting sights and sounds as the three month stint plays out.

Julie Chen is as lifeless as ever with her stoic mannerisms and uptight suit. I always enjoy the live eviction night because she actually wears something more loose and relaxed than those sickly tailored business suits she dons the other nights. You�d think with her being married to the head of CBS and all that she would have better choice of outfits. And here we go again with her constant reminders of the �secrets� each season of BB brings. Last year I think we heard �DNA� about 85 times a week and the year before �The X Factor� was used more times than the jesus juice at Neverland ranch. Last night alone, Julie uttered �Summer of Secrets� at least 20 times in the hour broadcast. That�s a lot of secrets Jules, get to givin�.

I knew that going into last night�s show that they probably wouldn�t give up which groups of two in the house were working together and that didn�t bother me until the actual game began to get paranoid. Like those 7 on the surfboard made a pact but you know that more than likely half of those 7 have their �other� within the 7 that were not competing for HOH! I need to know because I want to know who�s already lying to whom! I LOVE IT! I cannot wait until next week to find out who�s zoomin� who and when plastic weather face will get the boot!

As we watched the houseguests gather silently before entering the house I immediately began looking for those folks that might try to sneak a glance or a smirk at their �teammate� but had no luck. I immediately gave myself up as the one - that if cast - would have been the first one revealed because I just don�t have a face that can hide any form of emotion and I�d just start cracking up trying to get my �teammate� to show any sign of recognition. It would be too funny. First scene with all the houseguests and I would have already broken the secret � doh!


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