Entourage 7.3.05

And it only gets better kids! Finally Vince acts like he�s actually concerned with something other than getting laid! It�s great to see both E and Ari sweat as they scramble Los Angeles trying to get a meeting with James Cameron to secure Vince as �Aquaman� saving his career and the boys from being homeless and penniless.

There are two things this week that made me wish this show was more than 30 minutes. The first was Lloyd�s new Andre 3000 look and Ari�s subsequent barb �You look like Michelle Kwan in drag!;� the second was the return of Emily, Ari�s once verbally abused assistant and now gate keeper to James Cameron�s schedule. She is so damn cute and sassy that I hope she sticks around for a while and actually gets something good out of these Entourage men. Scenes with these two characters left me wanting more right then and there � not 7 days down the road.


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