The Closer - Ep. 03

Apparently Kyra�s character Brenda has a mean streak in her as evident by this episode where she not only takes on the son of a Russian mob boss but also the FBI to solve the murders of two teen Russian immigrant sex workers. I love this character and her fearless get the job done attitude in the face of adversity and bureaucracy. When she realized that the FBI was providing a false alibi for her number one suspect she did what she had to do to seek justice. If the courts and the government were not going to work in her favor (as many of them were tied to the Russian boss or prostitution ring) she was going to seek justice the only way feasible� by ensuring the man responsible was put in the impossible situation of proving the FBI�s false alibi wrong (which was not going to happen).

She set the son of the Russian mob boss up! By backing both the FBI and the mob�s lawyers into a corner, she in essence sealed this kid�s fate. Either way, if he confessed or not, he would be found out as an FBI mole by his family - which would buy him a one way ticket to deadsville. She is a cold woman but it was amazing to watch the events unfold and to see her getting deeper and deeper up shitscreek with the mob and the FBI but refusing to back down because these were teenage girls that noone cared if their crimes went unsolved! Hell, the FBI knew this kid killed both whores but refused to act on it because they needed him to play the main role in their shakedown of his family; corruption at its finest. Really an incredible episode which really showed proved a great twist on your procedural crime drama and some unreal character development and emotion from Kyra Sedgwick.


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