Strip Search (VH1) 7.7.05

As much as I�ve enjoyed this brief summer series, I have to say that Billy Cross is going to end up with the biggest bunch of jamokes this side of a Klan rally. Each of these supposed macho men are more catty and gay than anyone I�ve ever seen portrayed on television. It�s non-stop catfights about who�s prettier, who has the better body, and disappointment when made to feel like second best. It�s ridiculous. They have the worst personalities and a couple of them are just down right nasty in face and demeanor. How straight women find them attractive is beyond me. Now, there are a couple that are genuinely nice and only one I would have classified as hot business and both the nice one (Bryce) and the hot one (David) were eliminated last night ensuring that this final troop of 7 will be Las Vegas cheese all the way.

This had me thinking, do women really find that type of man attractive? What about punk/emo/rocker chicks � they cannot find the beefed up and intelligence impaired grease monkey�s attractive can they? I need to find out.


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