Big Brother 6 - 7.12.05

Okay Howie�s creepiness just shot up like 10 fold. What with the male physique commentary and the drag references from this guy? Some serious personal and mental health issues for a late twenties male that wants to be a meteorologist; get some help � possibly you could see the same shrink that oversees Tom Cruise�s personal life.

The HOH chick has some serious control issues as w ell. Now I�m not saying that I would have given up the secret room information at first either but to then dictate how people will rotate within the room and then go on to win the Veto? She honestly has no clue that she�s a controlling bitch. I just hope they all backstab her and am I wrong in thinking that her �teammate� is Howie? Has to be, right?

And I�ll say this� The Muslim is quite possibly the most normal person they have ever thrown into that house � if they kick him out there�ll be a jihad.


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