The Comeback 7.10.05

CHARLA! This episode was probably the strongest one yet. Cross-promoting �The Comeback� with �The Littlest Assistant� having Charla go around being different people�s assistant for a day was quite the plot line and obviously too much for our Valerie Cherish to handle.

Valerie�s multiple meltdowns were well deserved; girl on girl porno tapes were discovered, Charla came in and brought Valerie to her knees (literally � she has the bloody scabs to prove it), and finally Entertainment Weekly�s cover story �Is Reality TV Dead� forced this already shaky veneer of calmness and poise Valerie�s been trying to uphold to fragile breaking points. I rewatched the episode ON DEMAND and laughed just as hard the second time as Charla is trying to cross the road and Val is screaming for her while trying to catch a cab. BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Valerie had her wish I am sure this episode would have been �flagged;� my god she�s so out of touch with the reality of her reality show. She thinks she has some control over what is shown and if she were a real person would be mortified to discover that the whole show centers on her awkward moments of overcompensation and control. I am really enjoying this show and am even more enamored with Lisa Kudrow.


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