Big Brother 6 - 7.26.05

The Veto Competition� I will say this folks, for as good and scheming our boy Will was back in BB2 History, he has nothing on the strategic abilities and the gumption (you read that right, gumption) of my man Kaysar! HOLY CRAP was this an episode to remember or what? This was epic on so many levels. The drama hit an all time high, the tension was thick enough to cut with a knife, there was scheming and backstabbing, secrets were revealed and later that night I heard Tom Cruise tried to denounce the whole show� Epic!

Watching as Kaysar laid out the plan � exposing the alliances and teams one by one and watching as faces just sank as they were called out of hiding and into his new master plan. Brilliance!

The chess game for the Power of Veto could not have been written to have more evil genius � Big Brother couldn�t have planned this if they tried. With each move, each houseguest on the opposition realized what was going down and with each move I laughed harder as Ivette (kudos for the Bobby Fischer line) was out leaving Maggie left to hang from the rope Kaysar, James, Howie, and Janelle hung for her! Unreal! The look on Eric�s face could only be topped by the look on Maggie�s when Kaysar revealed that she in fact was not the intended target in this game, but that Eric is and was all along. I CHEERED AT THE EPICOCITY (shut it, I know it�s not a word)!!!

This is what I�m talking about! For once, Big Brother cast a group of folks that at first seemed like your average pretty face and hard bodies to vacuously waste the summer away but has now been revealed to be the smartest and most game worthy opponents of all! This can only get better.


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