Big Brother 6 8.13.05

I love me some KayKay but there is a part of me that is worried he may actually be playing this game toooooooooooo hard. No? He just is so serious and committed to eliminating James that he�s almost Czarish.

Fine he wanted HOH because he personally wanted the gratification of removing James from the house but the anger he showed and the spite reared when Jennifer went back on her word was almost frightening. I think he was just pissed that he actually made a deal with the other side and that he should have stuck it out for HOH in the end because Jennifer quickly turned on her word and nominated two of Kaysar�s allies. Simmer Kaysar � this is your chance to win over Maggie and some of the other �friends� by not being the target for a week. Ride it out kid.

After the hysterical Chocolate PeePee incident and the �oh lord I�d kill him� drunken incident in the greenhouse Beau both won and then lost my interest in this game. He was too funny with his over the top girly scream within the glass shower as the cavalcade of onlookers caught sight of his man girth. But as he was eliminated from the HOH competition and continued to get obliterated, its quite possible that if I was in that competition I would have been striking deals with everyone to get 2 others to quit ensuring he left that greenhouse sooner than later. My word he was one drunk boy. Ivette put it best: �Good thing you�re so drunk because the only way I�m walking out is pissed!�

One by one they all fell, April was cracking me up with her �I swear I didn�t do it on purpose� okay so I did it on purpose!� and FINALLY saw some sort of �character� development from Jennifer. When she began crying in the greenhouse and then winked into the BB camera, I almost died laughing, she has officially stepped up her game. The little mouse is now a rat and I love it! Should be a fun week considering right now it�s hard to tell if the �back-dooring� of James will actually work or not. Let�s hope for her sake, that it does� KayKay might kill her otherwise. Is there a chance that she�s trying to backdoor Kaysar? That bitch.


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