Situation: Comedy (Bravo)

This show really makes me nervous; it frightens me while also inspiring me to pursue the career I eventually want to have. I remember hearing about this show when it was green lit but then I forgot all about it and by the time I checked on its status, the submission deadline was like two days later� I was not going to make it at all.

So, now being able to track the progress of the two writing teams that were picked is great fun. It looks like a nightmare but an incredible opportunity � a shot that these average joe�s would never have if Bravo/NBC was not giving them this chance. Now if you were allowed to create a fifteen minute pilot for a television series you�ve created in your head wouldn�t you do whatever it takes to get it done? They want you to jump through fire, you jump. They want you to eat bulls balls while taking it up the ass, you do it because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Right?

Not if you�re the team behind Steven�s Life, a comedy about an 11 year old kid that runs his life and school day like a corporation. The premise is incredibly fun, the ideas were all there but now that these two joe�s have come down to the wire with deadlines and criticism they�re just falling apart. They spent the whole second episode refusing to rewrite the pilot from single camera set ups to traditional multiple camera set ups until they received about 18,000 �No�s� not only from each and every Executive Producer but finally from the Network. It was ridiculous. Like Maxx (Exec. Prod.) told them, know when to pick and choose your battles boys, this was not one of them. They seemed to have learned their lesson, that was until episode three.

This week they decided to argue with the producers about their script notes. These two retards barely worked on getting the rough draft as polished and ready as possible and almost missed the deadline because as one of the idiots put it: �I refused t o dance around like a monkey�� Bitch, they say jump � you say how high. What don�t you get? You are a nobody, you are not running the show, they are! God their ungrateful and it makes me crazy. Sure I would argue things, but they�ve so far argued about every single step of the process and have tried to make unreasonable demands (single camera, casting in NYC for starters). They are cocky for no reason. Yes, they picked your script, that doesn�t mean it�s perfect or that you won�t have to change it in some way. Just fucking deal.

Meanwhile, as you can see this show has my blood pressure sky high so it must be good! I�m really enjoying it and really love the two producers Maxx and whats-his-name. Each week I also wonder how long before the two Exec. Producers Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner come out as more than �business partners�? You heard me.


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