Girls vs. Boys - Puerto Rico (The N)

It�s almost too heartbreaking and embarrassing to watch this season of GvB on The N and no not because I�m 31 watching a tween show so shut it! I love me The N. This season on GvB they went older, the kids are all 16 and 17 so it heightens the drama and the sexual tension as this group of 4 boys and 4 girls spend a month living and competing, unchaperoned, in a beach house in Puerto Rico. First of all, what Parent would allow that month long vacation of raging hormones?

The heartbreaking and embarrassing factor comes into play when we meet Cory, a 17 year old high school senior from Kentucky that has never been kissed nor has he ever had a girlfriend. His �idol� is Britney Spears and he�s got a flair for Abercrombie and Fitch � do I need to continue?

By night two the competition has begun and so have the sexual games. Each of the 8 are talking about who they think is a �hottie� and who they hope to �hook up� with. Every guy seems to want Kelly but they�ll settle for any of the girls. Truth or Dare becomes a make-out session and social diseases are sure to spread faster than poison oak in the cabin at the rate these teens are going� I�ve seen Degrassi, I�m in the know.

All the girls love Cory�s sweet southern charm and his naivety is just adorable. They can�t believe he�s so innocent and that he�s never had a girlfriend. All the guys think it�s kinda of odd but understand he�s a sheltered boy � all except Damien who within the first fifteen minutes utters: �I don�t know if he�s in the [air quotes] closet or not � which if he is [stumble stumble avoiding the gay word] it�s totally fine with me��

Yeah folks, Damien has already outed Cory and we are in for a summer of secrets, wait that�s Big Brother, we�re in for a summer of heartache and revelation as Cory tries to butch it up, fawning for these girls, and trying to convince himself and the audience that he really really wants to kiss and have one of these chicas as a girlfriend. It hurts to watch him be so excited for his first kiss and to talk about these girls because we all know it�s a cover up and in the end this kid is going to be ruined. Reality shows can be so cruel, I mean great!


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