Entourage 8.7.05

Jeremy Piven once again proves his weight in [Ari] Gold! He is a master to watch each week and often brings a vulnerability and softness to his otherwise hardass wise cracking fa�ade. This week was the Bat Mitzvah of his daughter and he actually delivered an almost teary eyed speech about his family � it was really touching to see this human side to him. Of course, in typical Ari fashion it was quickly ruined by his anxiety over possibly losing Vince to a shockingly fat faced Malcolm McDowell. An odd casting note and work of fiction, having Melinda Clarke play herself but married to a fictional character, created one of the funniest moments of the week as she traded barbs with not only Ari but Ari�s wife. Julie Cooper may not be far from the truth there Melinda and I loves ya!

Can someone tell me how Mandy Moore scored this gig?


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