Big Brother 6 8.9.05

I know it�s been a long time since my last BB6 update, but I�ve been busy, television is not my number one prior� okay even that was hard to type without laughing. Regardless of priorities, I�ve been watching religiously and cannot get enough of this season!

Since Kaysar�s untimely eviction I�ve been worried that the game would somehow suffer and everyone would turn out to be best of friends, but this game keeps getting more wicked with every hour. Howie has let those boobies go to his head because when he nominated James and Sarah I was floored. Sure it was the right thing to do, but it was sad to already see Kaysar�s alliance go to pot.

The scheming began hard and fast as both James and Sarah tried to tell more lies than OJ on the witness stand. James did you or didn�t you swear on the Bible that you�d nominate Howie and Rachel? His response was simply and lyingly� I read the Bible in the workout room because it gives me strength before a competition. You lying sack of turds. God bless ya for your devious ways brother, too bad your girl there doesn�t have the brains or the balls to follow suit. My favorite moment of the night? When a bewildered Sarah asks James �Did you swear on the Bible?� she was blown away at the depths he�ll go to avoid eviction and the secrets he holds from her (in this, the summer of secrets). I love watching the demise of their feeble relationship on national television. What fun.

Round two began when Ivette and Chain Smoker April began getting on each others nerves. April actually gained some points in my eyes because she had the balls to start lobbying against her fellow �friendship� teammate knowing that Ivette too has been annoying all of the houseguests. I loved watching how quickly they turn in this game. From one night to the next its love or hate in that pressure cooker. I only hope that Howie actually nominated Ivette not because she somewhat volunteered but because she really is a dangerous player in the game. She and James do have a bond and we all know she�s crazy. How else do you explain her almost fatalistic love for Eric the Midget? A person she knew all of three weeks. Get over it dumbass. God I hope they send her packing!

And lastly, please vote for Kaysar to return to the BB6 house. I�ve done so about 45 times from different computers!


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