Big Brother 6 8.16.05

These �friendship� bitches are driving me batty I tell ya. Damn that little hoochie stripper Jennifer and her evil scheming ways. Of course the smart thing to do strategy wise was put Kaysar up instead of James, but that doesn�t mean your fat ass had to you troll!

Oh it was infuriating. I try not to get all worked up but come on here. James is clearly an emotionally disturbed and possibly abusive person that will go one step further than crazy any minute now. If Prozac wasn�t his friend, Mr. Pointy the Knife would be because his ass is not right. I love how he tries to talk like money isn�t his driving force in this game. I love how he now concedes that Sarah is like the smartest person he knows and that he loves her. If he loved her so much shouldn�t he have used the POV last week to save her instead of himself? He�s such a liar it�s almost comical to watch. James, the crazy pills have called, line one.

I hope KayKay CanCan come up with something before tomorrow nights eviction. Can Glitter McChen not give out a surprise immunity or something? Where�s Probst with that idol necklace when you need him?


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