Teen Choice Awards 2005

So, apparently they tell the winners they�ve won ahead of time because they have odd groups of people sitting together like Rachel Bilson was sitting near Chad Michael Murray when they won best �Hotties� but earlier she was sitting next to costar and loverboy Adam Brody along with Mischa Barton. So confused.

I only wanted to see Degrassi win for Best Summer Series but couldn�t tolerate the show long enough. I was pissed too because I know that Stacy Farber was there to accept the award. I wonder if they even televised it? So many things were lumped together and not shown that it was really bothersome to watch. Case in point: Rachael McAdams/Ryan Gosling and The Notebook won like 13 awards or something all together yet they were only shown once. Hello they won almost every award there was and you give them the same amount of time as the Pussycat Dolls?

And a lifetime achievement award to Gwen Stefani? I changed the channel. WHERE�S MY DEGRASSI YOU ASSES?


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