Brat Camp 8.17.05

As this stellar series begins to come to its emotional close, it�s hard to not root for some and completely wish the worst for others. Hands down the kid that made the most progress after entering the wilderness program was Lexie, the obstinate teen whose emotional problems all stemmed from being raped as a child. She really was able to confront her issues and understand that she is a person worth loving and living for. Each week she pushed herself harder and further than any of those kids and it paid off in spades with an early release from the program, she was reunited with her family for Christmas.

When I say that I�ll cry during TV shows, it�s not an exaggeration. As the three kids that were released for the holidays were reunited with their families after making such great progress, I was almost weeping. I had tears trickling as Heather hugged her adoptive parents (also her aunt and uncle) but let me tell ya� I had drops streaming down my face and off my chin when Lexie�s family arrived. Not kidding I just got goose bumps typing this� When her little brother ran full speed at her and jumped into her arms I fucking lost it. Bawling like a bitch. It was so incredible to watch her transformation and it was so hopeful to see her family so excited to have their daughter back, possibly restored, that I just couldn�t take it. Even little Nick�s reunion with his family had me a little misty. What a great sense of hope and accomplishment this series has instilled in (not only) those kids and families but hopefully other families in crisis. Sure there has been a backlash. Sure those kids are far from fixed. Sure, there will be those problem kids that Sagewalk just can�t reach and there will be families that can�t afford it (as its been reported that Sagewalk is like $600/day) but overall this show did some good in my opinion. They�ve never represented the program as a miracle cure, as a one stop shop for sanity � they�ve always presented it as the beginning to a healthier and reformed life. Therapy after the program is obviously a must, if a parent sent their kid there thinking it would solve their problems then the parents are the biggest problem.

Like say� Fucking Jada. The girl is just a spoiled little rich manipulative bitch that figured out years ago how to push her parents� buttons and how to lie her way into getting whatever she wants. Her upbringing is her main problem. Those weak ass and emotionally retarded parents of hers have raised a demon. She is a product of her environment, end of story. The girl needs a good beating, not a nature walk in a blizzard. As recent news reports have already foreshadowed, the program went lost on our little diva. Just a couple weeks ago she almost killed a family of four that had the fortune of meeting her Jaws style. They were in an inflatable raft relaxing and soaking up the summer sun when Hell With Horsepower came ripping through the lake on a speed boat and ran over the family�s inflatable. Luckily no one was seriously hurt but it really does go to show that this girl got nothing out of her two months in isolation. She�s a waste.

Another attitude heavy teen, Isaiah, was in the papers too. Not for his good community service or educational merits but for being a violent racist! Nothing says reformed like spray painting racial slurs on a black woman�s house. What a good kid. God, we all should be so lucky.

Jon had the best observation of the night� The reason those three kids were released early was that each of them had a singular definable issue to tackle where the majority of the other kids are either spoiled or emotionally incapable of identifying their issues and dealing with them. Lexie was raped, Heather�s Mother has been in a coma for 14 years and Nick has dyslexia. On the flipside, Jada�s a pathological liar and entitled diva, Isaiah is just a brat, as is Frank (add in a temper for good measure). The wildcard is ADHD head case Derek. He�s just so young and unfocused, I don�t even know if he realizes he�s at this wilderness camp. I don�t know what to make of him yet.

Of course there are two kids on the cusp of recovery. Lauren seems smarter than she�s let on and slowly has been dropping her touch trailer park exterior and finally beginning to deal with her father�s death. If her resentment and anger weren�t so strong, she�d have been going home as well. She handled the news of spending Christmas at Sagewalk in a very mature way. She understood why she needed to be there and was willing to continue with her therapy for a chance at a better life. The other hopeful is Shawn the Bill and Ted stoner. He too was mature about his lengthened stay at Sagewalk, confiding in his therapist that he trusts her. A huge step for a kid that was so resistant in the beginning. With luck the finale next week will bring some insight into the progress these kids have made and the steps to recovery they�ve pursued post Sagewalk.


  • The show was fucked and the children placed in danger. The program they used had to shut down after they killed a boy just like so many other wilderness program. I live in Denmark. Here we can buy beer and wine legally when we are 16 years of age. That is why we do not need such programs here. People enjoy life instead. And the Jada girl actually have success in life with a real career. You can find her if you look for her.

    By Anonymous Kurt Joensen, at 4/21/2018 07:19:00 AM  

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