Big Brother 6 8.18.05 - All Hell Breaks Loose

Could Janelle have been more genius last night? Honestly she was rolling with the personal attacks and verbal smackdowns, I was in tears laughing. Here are a few of my favorites...

"Rachel you're so pretty... Maggie you're such a bitch! Jennifer you look like a cow."

To Beau: "You gold digging whore... whore! whore! whore! whore! whore! whore! whore! whore! You date older men! whore!"

After nominating Jennifer and Maggie, she screamed this as Howie carried her out of the room: "Goodbye bitches!"

She was just non-stop last night, knowing every step of the way what was coming out of her mouth and why. She was playing the game dirrrty last night and her name is not Christina! I thoroughly enjoyed the verbal smackdowns Janelle was throwing and hope it continues. Someone's gonna end up in a catfight before this thing is over.

With the language the way it is, CBS may have to move this show from 8pm to 10pm because half of last night's screamfest was nothing but curse words. As much as I enjoyed Howie's adolescent tirade on April, I kind of felt bad. Not much mind you but a little bit of me felt bad because she actually took it all so seriously and to heart. Honey do you really think Howie, sweet innocent stupid Howie is going to eat your dog on a slice of pizza? She was acting like the man was really going to saute her dog and have him for dinner. Honey, they're words... deal.

That said, it was hands down the best episode this show has ever pulled off in the drama department. BB6 has more trouble than it could have hoped for and with all cards shown and all hands revealed it could only get nastier before it gets better.

If I was James, I would sit back and let each group tear each other apart. Ride this wave buddy because the minute KayKay was nominated, you were forgotten.

OH! the other brilliant part was when Janelle won the HOH and Glitter McChen told Jennifer to hand over the key... that bitch threw it on the ground and CBS got some unblurred flipping of the bird from Janelle to Jennifer's face! Meow!!!!!!

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