My Super Sweet 16 - The Destruction of Civilization

So one of the best trends in recent memory is the glorification and celebritizing (yes I made that word up) of undeserving rich adolescent bitches on national television. If Paris Hilton has taught us one thing, it�s that being a spoiled little diva is something to aspire to especially if MTV is willing to follow your every disgusting and unrecognizably human behaviors!

Last week the hellmouth below Southern California opened again when this show of �Big Bad� proportions returned. I haven�t been this grossed out since discovering a porn called SQUIRT while in High School. And the man wasn�t the one squirting if ya know what I mean. Sicka!

What I have appreciated is the web assault that has been unleashed on the selfish preppy collared rag featured in last week�s Season 2 premiere. A TVGuide critic wished death upon her and all her friends as did numerous other web publications and bloggers. Not since Osama Bin Laden has America rallied against such pure evil. It�s refreshing to see.

Does MTV think young girls are looking to this show for inspiration or affirmation of their existence? Is a 15 year old living in a trailer in Boise really supposed to watch as an oil baron buys his daughter a hummer and throws her a $40k party and think� �Yes, just one more year until I get that!� If I was a parent of a fifteen year old girl, I would either be writing to MTV demanding answers, blocking MTV on the cable box, or slowly placing arsenic in my daughter�s oatmeal in hopes of her croaking before she can ask for that party of mega-unrealistic grandeur.

The sense of entitlement and the disregard for all things middle class shown by this series is appalling. I highly doubt MTV is trying to make a socio-economic statement in airing such atrocities but I�m sure if pushed, that�s the way their stance would lean. Am I that out of the loop? Is this really what teenage girls look to on television for idols? Are the rantings, ravings, and unnecessary demands of barely pubescent girls the determining factors of cool in high school? Heaven hear our prayer. The lord is my� who am I kidding � I�ve watched every episode. Purely for anthropological reasons of course� You don�t know!


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