Prison Break - Ep. 03

How many toes did Michael lose? Two? Damn that is harsh. The man�s been in Prison for like a week and he�s already lost two toes, has a psychotic gay gang leader ready to shank him with �the gutter� and forced his cellmate to jump ship leaving him with quite the scary new roomie from where else? The psych-ward!

What�s been amazing to see develop within these first three hours is the depletion of Michael Scofield�s cocky �I�m only here for a visit� know-it-all attitude and take on his time in the clink. By episodes end, you can tell he barely knows which end is up anymore. He planned so hard and for so long to get in and then break out that seeing it all crumble with every passing Prison minute is gut-wrenching for him and the viewer! I want to see him succeed, but I also want to see him suffer for his goal. You can tell he knew there would be harsh realities faced when he entered those gated walls but he had no clue how incredibly manipulative and layered the system is.

He studied each key player not only important to his plan but also within the Prison. As he unflinchingly approaches or schemes his way to each of them you realize how huge the scope of plan is. Not only is he promising the break out to his death row brother but also to those key in making it happen. You know he doesn�t really plan on brining all of them so which players will fall along the way and how does that affect his getting out and saving his brother�s life?

Most crucial to Michael�s plan is the cooperation and connections of Abruzzi (played with bone chilling confidence by that creepy Swedish actor, Peter Stormare) who is turning out to be in quite the predicament himself. In this episode he was revealed to be a lot more vulnerable and powerless than previously alluded to. Originally he was the kingpin calling the shots, and he still does� within those walls but outside of that Prison, he is a helpless lacky whose children are now in jeopardy if he doesn�t shake the whereabouts of a snitch from Scofield. It�s quite the intriguing triangle and a great subplot that will carry this show far.

Also surprisingly captivating is the supposed truth surrounding Lincoln�s imprisonment and the immediacy of answers as the clock ticks on his death sentence. Little Robin Tunney has got herself in quite the government conspiracy. Those Secret Service men are frighteningly T2000 (Terminator 2�s Robert Patrick) as they hunt down and eliminate anyone knowing anything about the true killer of the Vice President�s brother. That poor Leticia woman got it assassination style in the woods, what the hell and who the hell are those men protecting? It�s got me hooked! I bet Robin Tunney is wishing she still had some of those witchy powers from The Craft � those agents are crazy and have proven that they will stop at nothing to secure this cover up.

The best scene Wentworth Miller�s pulled so far? As he�s brought into the Doctor�s office sans toes� he just completely breaks down at how horrible everything has gone and the reality of Prison, I was almost in tears watching such a sweet face be in pain (sorry � he�s just � good god) as he refuses lying to the Doctor. It was a no holds barred emotional scene and I for one believed every second of it � including the semi-rushed chemistry between he and the Doc. It seems genuine and when you add the emotional elements to the conspiracy and intrigue that�s already layered into this series I have to say it truly gives this show a leg up on its comparison �24� which has been pointless since offing Nina Meyers in Season 3� I�m just sayin�.


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