Big Brother 6 9.3.05

I�ve been really slack on updating my Big Brother posts, and for those one or two people that read this regularly, I apologize. The Saturday edition I don�t see until at least Sunday morning or in this case, Monday, Labor Day. Regardless, I have a few thoughts on our favorite lab rats left standing.

Beau Beau�s gone. Amen! He was such a non-entity in this game, he was even less of a player than Jennifer was. Beau made safe, team decisions as HOH and besides that one week the only peep we heard out of him was the high pitched girly squeal he�s 12 minutes famous for. As Jon put it while watching, �He�s No Marquasis� which really meant �Marcellus� who was and still is quite the entertaining black gay male � his House Call show is quite funny to listen to and watch each week!

Why keep Ivette? These people are crazy for keeping that whiny needy clingy lesbo because as uninvolved as Beau was, she was what kept that duo alive. Sure she�s an emotional wreck with misguided male attachments (she knew Cappy for a total 19 days and she cried and messiahed him like she knew him for 10 years and she was way in love with James � honey, remember� you�re gay!) but she made decisions and moves in the game that Beau couldn�t dream of. Keeping her and basically handing her the HOH (nice way to throw the competition Maggie � this isn�t �The Price Is Right�) was a pathetic move and one that I wish would come back to bite the �friendship� in the ass.

Balls or Pussy? Ivette will more than likely play like a pussy and nominate the obvious Howie and Janelle but if she was a smart player, she would nominate Maggie and April delivering a swift and emotional blow to what will more than likely end up as an Estrogen Party in BB6�s last weeks. Can you imagine what those 4 girls would do to each other if Howie is voted out this week? There will be more catty bitch fights than imaginable! They will all hate each other before this game is over so why not at least play to win.

Final Two Hopes! With it coming to an end, I want either Maggie or Janelle to win this game. Janelle truly deserves to win for her incredible staying power and strategy. She came across as the dumb blonde looking for a summer vacation and turned into an amazing strategist and pot-stirrer. Maggie has really created this almost cultish gang with a name reminiscent of Hobbit�s and Elves, The Friendship! She�s been the brains and the emotionally centered one leading that stupid crew since Eric the Midget�s demise in Week 3 � is it possible for her and Janelle to team up? One could only hope. If Janelle is ousted before the final two I just hope anyone other than Ivette wins! She deserves it about as much as Mike Boogie did in Season 2 � a waste of contestant space.


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