Prison Break Premiere - FINALLY!

I was finally able to catch the whole two hours of the incredible season premiere of "Prison Break" starring Manazon Adam Rothchild Ryan, er... Wentworth Miller whom some of you may remember from his harrowing performance as a male cheerleader on the series "Popular"!

I truly, madly, deeply enjoyed "Oz" the HBO schlong fest and the prison politics involved. I missed them, so I tuned in to what was supposed to be "the best new show of the season" and I have to say it was surprisingly exciting, well acted, directed, and multi-dimensional! I was worried that a show with such a pointed title could only hold that one purpose, but as the intrigue and exploitation proved in the first episode, "Prison Break" is ready for a long complicated and dirty escape!

Is there anything hotter than Wentworth Miller covered with a full body tattoo of prison schematics and important details disguised as demons and dragons? As Whitney would say, HELL TO THE NO! Good god when he took off that shirt in the locker room, where are the gay spy cams when we need em? And could Dominic Purcell's shaved head be larger? Its like a tigers head on a man body. Was that "thirtysomething" staple Patricia Wittig as the woman the Special Agent called up in the mountains? Sure sounded like her. What's with all the cover up!


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