Big Brother 6 9.6.05

Oh Jedi Jani, I do love having you in this game! Janelle is the best player left in the game and a total powerhouse when it comes to these challenges. She kicked Ivette�s ass by a minute in that face scramble veto competition. I loved the tension of waiting for her final number and the reaction from everyone was even better. Ivette was truly excited that Janelle did so well, she was not happy excited, but excitement by flabergastation nonetheless! Thank god Janelle got that veto too because I do not want to see her go. If anything watching the Girl Scout Troup live with Janelle for another week is well worth my three hours a week. It will be riotous if nothing else.

Howie, poor Howie � that light saber really is to make up for your lack of manhood isn�t it? We saw you in that Speedo and it wasn�t so impressive. Hurricane Howie has been downgraded to a light shower. Is he retarded? Am I for wanting to see Howie reenact the Star Wars kid from the internet (like on �Arrested Development� last season)? How funny was it when the Nerd Herd was cuddling in bed watching Howie as he creeped around the HOH balcony corner? I was cracking up � he is a freakazoid and ripe for a second season of �Battle of the Network Reality Stars� if they have one. Please keep Howie in this game.

That brings us to the improbable� Will Ivette actually have the cajones to evict April? It really is in her benefit to get rid of the blonde weakling and go to the end with Howie or Janelle. I would love to think she�ll do something so ballsy but really the only time Ivette has a backbone or any confidence is when she�s alone in the confessional. Her comments each week crack me up, I just wish she wasn�t such a weak nothing the rest of the time. And when Janelle commented on Ivette�s fugly girlfriend, I did wet myself. There is no loveloss in this house � BB6 is a dirty game and those contestants have each other. Just look at James� comments over at Man does he hate April and Jennifer. I cannot wait to see Thursday�s sequester reveal. If he goes through with his plan, he�s going to rip Jennifer apart!


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