Two and a Half Men

Jon and I (for the first time) watched an episode of �Two and a Half Men� the other night and I have to tell you � it�s pretty damn funny. I�ve always been skeptical because of Charlie Sheen but have always love love loved Jon Cryer (Pretty in Pink), Conchata Ferrell (Mystic Pizza, �E/R� as Thor) and Holland Taylor (�The Naked Truth,� �The Practice�). I just never watched, plain and simple. Y friend Helen used to always tell me how funny it was and that I would just die over Jon Cryer, I knew I would too, but who had the time? Then I realize this summer that CBS is touting it as their big comedy this fall, when did that happen? Regardless, we tuned in and I actually did laugh out loud numerous times. That�s all I�m saying.


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