Big Brother 6 9.13.05

Janie I hope you win this thing, you are hands down the best player of the season and the most deserving (for many reasons) but plotting against the Girl Scout Troup and having to deal with their constant bickering this past week is reason enough to give you half a million! I only hope you pull it out in Round 2 of this week�s final HOH competition (as I cheated for the first time this season and watched/read some live updates and know you were the first out of Round 1, the safe, leading a loud mouth who shall remain nameless to advance to Round 3 and in the process win 2 Vespa�s. What happened my blonde bombshell? What happened to you � now is not the time to be slacking!

Regardless of what�s happening between Tuesday and Friday this week, last night�s live show was incredible to watch! There was so much drama, back-stabbing, and treachery going on, it was almost too much to handle in just a one hour episode.

Janelle�s plan to break those three bitches apart unfolded with much more of a bang than I imagined. Ivette�s boisterous fit after winning the veto which caused April to over-react and breakdown (on of all people Janelle�s shoulder) was just the beginning of the end for the Friendship. Figuring she�s got nothing to lose, April decides to come clean with Ivette about how horrible she�s felt while Ivette�s been in this game, manipulating and swinging the Friendships� votes. A moment of crazy for April caused a moment of entertainment for the viewer as Ivette exploded like a hot pepper stuffed with firecrackers � her Latina ass was on fire! �I hope that Veto fits up your ass!� Now dems fighting words and I love �em.

Yadda Yadda Yadda, April went home and Sailor Chen glittered her way through another pointless interview while killing time for the final HOH competition of BB6!

If Janelle can win HOH or at least persuade Ivette or Maggie to take her to the final two, it�s very possible she could win this whole crazy game! Worst case scenario, she gets the boot and convinces the other Jury members to not give whiny Ivette the sympathy vote. If she thinks playing dirty is hiding your true ambitions and want of that $500k like April did, how about playing the ghetto poor �it�s not for me it�s for my family� unselfish Latina card for the past 12 weeks? Bitch. I hope she goes home empty handed and Tush tosses Ivette out on hers.


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