Veronica Mars - Season 1 Finale

So we finished our kickball game last night and headed on over to what last
week was called "Jon's Bar" which had mysteriously changed names in 6 days
to "Razzy's" - anyway, we walk in and I see Veronica Mars on the television
screen holding a gun � I let out a shriek so loud people thought I was being
beaten to death... In the words of Valerie Cherish "I don't need to see that!"

As soon as I awoke this morning I watched last night�s finale (well the
repeat of last season's finale). Let's just say that by the time it was
over I was thoroughly delighted with the show and the emotions I felt
during. I got teary a few times and although I knew Logan's Dad had killed
Lily I had no idea what his motive was so watching that story unfold was
surprising. Even though we saw the camera in the pool house last week it
never dawned on me that Lily would have found it as well leading to her
stealing the sex tapes and threatening to blackmail Aaron Echolls which in
turn caused him to bludgeon her to death by the pool.

Am I the only one that finds Mr. and Mrs. Kane to be horrible monsters
disguised as people? They paid a man to take the fall for what they thought
was a crime their son committed against their daughter. Sure they thought
they were helping/saving Duncan but then they go and throw it in his face in
the finale over bagels... Good morning, you killed Lily you crazy son of a
bitch, ding-dong! OH, and could Duncan have look more like Hannibal Lechter
sitting there cradling Lily's dead body with all that blood all over his
mouth? It was like a zombie movie out on that pool patio! Good lord.

I have to say that I don't know that it's either Duncan or Logan at that
door. I know it has to be but I'm not so sure it should be. Logan would
have just learned that his Father was the murderer and that he tried to kill
Veronica as well so he would be distraught or bewildered or crying or
something (that is if he can even walk after Weevil and his boys got done
with him). If its Logan, her reaction as she opens the door doesn�t fit.
Duncan makes more sense out of the two because he saw what happened and how
devastated Veronica was but it almost makes more sense to be Wallace or
Dept. Leo in my opinion. I'm just saying...


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