Desperate Housewives - Season 2 Premiere

Again, this show belongs to Marcia Cross... I know Felicity Huffman won the Emmy and I think she's historically great as an actress but on Wisteria Lane all the true emotional and comedic highlights are coming from Bree Van De Camp's bitchy dominant controlling and unwavering performance. Last season as she broke down for her dead husband Rex it was hands down the most emotional scene of the season and last night it started again in the despair and turmoil of his death and her personal hell.

Bree will tell her friends but she will wait until an appropriate hour, 10am. She will stay strong because her overbearing, smothering, and equally domineering Mother in Law is coming, Bree's breakdown will wait. She will allow herself to blackout in anger at the funeral ceremony because of a childhood tie that clashes with the suit he's to be buried in only to have one last emotional spasm to right the wrong her Mother in Law created with that tie. As she searched the aisles for a suitable tie, one that would not only compliment Rex's burial suit but also her taste in clothing. She wrenched his stiff body from the casket, tied his tie and said her last goodbye before storming out a free woman. Incredible control on Cross' part along with narrative absurdity actually created this season's moment to beat. It was sad, it was funny, it was desperate, it was all about Marcia Cross!

As for the Alfre Woodard storyline... that son of hers is damn good looking and where the hell does that deep voice come from? The demon possessing him because I know they aint got a person locked up in that basement that may or may not be his father. The shackled hand that reached out for the dinner almost looked white, it is possible they've kidnapped someone? This story will hopefully become the focus. I'm over the Zach Young storyline and I was actually hoping that they indeed would have killed him off so we don't have to deal with that Mike, Susan, Zach, Paul crap again in Season 2. I'm over it.

Best lines of the night belong to the grieving family.

Bree (to her Priest): "I'll go non-denominational so fast it'll make your head spin."

and from her gay son...

Andrew (about his grandmother): "I'm sure she was a real bitch ok, but she's family - that makes her our bitch..."


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