Invasion 1.01

If I was going to watch any of this season's Sci-Fi shows it was going to be "Threshold" because Carla G. was starring, Felicity alum were present, as well as Dinklage, how could it not be good? Oh wait, its on Friday - forget that CBS! I forgot "Invasion" was going to be following "Lost" and as the week progressed, more and more reviews actually said "Invasion" was good! I was worried when Katrina hit because I'd read they might tame the pilot's hurricane scenes as to not offend. It looks like instead they placed a disclaimer before the show, which works for me! What bad timing though, huh? I remember when "24" premiered it was right after 9/11 and it started with a passenger plane being blown to bits over the United States, whoops with the timing there too!

Dimples dujour Eddie Cibrian and William Fichtner head up this creepfest which is totally "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" 2005 [Sorry Nicole Kidman your remake's a little late] as a heinous hurricane blows through Homestead, FL leaving more than debris in it's path of destruction. I'm a sucker for a big bang and for supernatural crap so surprisingly, I loved this pilot episode.

The first half was all hurricane and it was a tense ride. They went 17 minutes before a commercial break and by the time they took it I was almost sweaty. That little Rosie looking for her damn cat Carlita while the storm ripped the doors and windows off her house was scary and she was so little red riding hood out there as she watched little orange orbs fall from the sky and disappear into the everglades. More than crocks in that there water folks... more than crocks which wacky Dave discovered later on.

I really enjoyed the changed gang that's forming amongst those infected or whatever you want to call it. First Dimples nurse of a wife goes missing and they find her naked in the everglades with barely a memory of who she is or who her family is. Then Rosie breaks your heart with "Mommy you smell different" - that girl will be the death of me and my emotions I'm sure. Next came the slo-mo crazy smiles and blank stares. Next we see a Priest on television that's been found naked and he's got the same Black-Hole Sun look on his face. At the end of the episode, Dimples witnesses Fichtner's (possible master) character and his wife (dimples ex who is now BHS) talking with the BHS Priest who gives Dimples quite posibly the scariest slo-mo creepy stare in history. JEEPERS CREEPER Y'ALL!

PS- I totally jumped when Dave was pulled into the water! Like out of my skin jumped... check this out:


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