Who what when where why and how is this Desmond guy in that hatch and why did he have a chance encounter (or was it) with Jack years back? Jack was in Party of Five hair days, so I'm going to assume it was back in the 90's (last year's flashbacks were Jack with hair as we know him on the island) so why did Desmond just happen to meet up with Jack in the same stadium on the same night? Does Desmond have something to do with Jack's wife's not being his wife anymore? What is he playing at? Why is he on the same creepy island and what is he plotting? Too many questions were in that fucking hatch! Is it possible he just happened to catch a ride on the boat with Rousseau and her crew 16 years back as he was on his journey around the world? He was in a hatch labelled "Quarantine" and she said her whole crew became sick before they died. Was it his bad luck or is this some evil plot? I can't stand it.

I thought the episode was incredible! From the opening sequence that was just genius as Mama Cass blared her wonderful voice through the artificially lit bunker and into my television to Kate realizing a light is shining through the bottom of the tunnel and her terror to that huge Vegas style light that beamed through the hatch before Kate disappeared! I loved Jack's determination to get down that hatch at any cost and his reaction when he realized its inhabitant was his "brotha" Desmond!!!

The flashbacks were great and showcased Jack's vulnerability and Matthew Fox's acting skills big time. I love that man. Too bad Julie Bowen joined "Boston Legal" because she could have been in that hatch as well - why not? The scene with her and Jack as they both realize she can move again was quite beautiful to watch - I just can't wait to see how the middle and end of their relationship plays out. And was I the only one that thought her "fiance" was the same guy Kate later robbed a bank with? I'm sure it wasn't but that was my first thought when he came on screen. What a scumbag that dude was.

And Walt soaking wet whispering in the jungle was fucked up. Poor Shannon, the hysteric.


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