Prison Break - Fall Finale

Don�t get me wrong, I truly enjoy this thriller but there are one or two issues that need to be addressed before season two begins next fall. Yes, I know they will be back in March but I doubt they�ll be able to kill Veronica before that time or get a more menacing performance out of Wentworth Miller. Ouch, I know� we all love Wentworth Miller, I do as well and I�ve seen him do comedy and drama and I think he�s good but menacing he is not!

When he looked at C-Note (a large angry black man) or T-Bag (a seriously deranged loose cannon with a penchant for razors and shanks) or one of the other letter named escapees and proclaimed �If you think I�m walking out of here without my brother you have seriously underestimated me� I wasn�t really intimidated. I however believed him as otherwise there was no point to the whole 13 episodes leading up to the big escape! Or try there in� damn the Falls River janitorial staff for being so on top of things. The bastard foiled their long earned and deserved escape by putting in a replacement pipe which sealed Lincoln off from Michael and essentially sealing his fate. If they can�t escape will there at least be a stay of execution?

Not if Veronica�s on the case? That crazy ass bitch done gone ruined everything by going to the media before actually having evidence in her hands. Sure it was shocking to find out that the Vice President is in fact alive (which would exonerate Lincoln surely) and that his sister is the one behind this whole conspiracy but honey without that letter listing all the names involved you�ve got nothing and Lincoln�s set to fry in less than 24 hours. Get thee to an acting class and get thee some of those lawyer brains before March 20th!

Overall, an enthralling first 13 episodes that will accompany 24 well come this spring! Here�s to Michael, C-Note, T-Bag, Sucre, Lincoln, The Old Guy, and Abruzzi for 13 weeks of excitement. Good luck on escaping and can we please have more nudity and male on male action? It is prison after all!


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