Veronica Mars - Update

MEG IS PREGNANT! Holy Crud! Was that a shocker or what? This show continues to shine in its second seasons! Logan is turning out to be even more intriguing and deep than last season and he scares me because he is so damn reckless; Duncan is surprisingly dull � well until we discovered he probably knocked up the not so comatose Meg � when did she wake up? The Casablancas are stealing the show (this past week�s showdown with Kendall and Trina Echolls was deliciously bitter and I loved ever second of it � can we hope for more) and could The Beav and Mac be cuter together? Love them.

Here�s what I am not missing: Wallace or for that matter his DB of a girlfriend. I love that Wallace had to �leave� for money reasons in reality. UPN had to scale back some characters episodes so that they could keep the show afloat this season. If you notice, Weevil�s role was reduced even though his size is growing. I didn�t realize Wallace was expendable until he was no longer there, then I realized I didn�t really miss him as long as Veronica has Logan to play with in the witty banter department!

And I have to say that this season�s double mystery is a great successor to last season�s Lily Kane incident. Felix�s death coupled with the bus accident is one hell of a way to come back after having Harry Hamlin schtupping and killing his son�s high school girlfriend. I also love that last years mystery didn�t just disappear and that the impact and consequences didn�t just fade away� everyone is still affected by it and they continue the storyline and ramifications slowly through each episode this seasons. Incredible writing and amazing acting is pushing Veronica Mars to the top of my must-see list!


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