Veronica Mars - Dec. 7, 2005

So I was just telling my friend Donna yesterday that I didn't really miss Wallace and what made me tear up the most in last nights episode? When Veronica opened the door to find Wallace as her New Years Eve surprise. It just fit, it was just what she needed after such a harsh episode. She again is ostracize from the 09ers, she didn't have a winter break, and she just found out that her ex good friend just died after waking up from a coma pregnant and the father is Veronica's previous and current boyfriend Duncan Kane. Its a long week and a girl could use her Wallace. The Perfect Moment character wise.

Poor Dpt. Leo, I love him.

Poor Logan, god its amazing how Jason Dohring has made a character so evil be so incredibly sensitive on occasion.

Veronica Mars, I'll miss thee until January!


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