Gauntlet 2

I hope you know by now that I am a huge fan of the MTV Challenges (Battle of the Sexes, Inferno, Gauntlet) and each season they just get better and better as each of these has-beens tries to extend actually making a living by inching out another 30 seconds of not so fame. Tempers always flare and with each season comes ancient grudges and new hate because one cast members will inevitably be sleeping with another�s ex or some sort of bullshit � it�s so incestuous in that RW/RR world� the point here is that it�s Drama-Rama and I love every teeny-bopper second of it. Give me the Veronica and Katie duels, bring me the Coral�s of this world, serve me up a dish of testosterone that only MTV casting agents can find� oh and liquor them up beyond belief while putting them up mansion style in an exotic locale where bikinis reign supreme and nudity is all the better. Quite the recipe for success.

Episode 1 aired last night and this season it�s Veterans v. Rookies (sort of) as these Real Worlders and Road Rulers duke it out for $300,000. Gone are my guaranteed favorites Coral, The Miz, Abe, Tonya and Veronica (basically all of the trouble makers and stars of war) and I miss them so. Back is Katie, Beth, Julie and Ruthie who also like to stir it up a bit! The surprise of the night came when Joe, Puck�s replacement from RW-SF and reality tv escapee made the mistake of coming back to MTV after being away from the spotlight for over 10 years. She cracked within minutes of being surrounded by the mostly newbies and early 20-somethings who like to party hard and ugly. She fucking flipped!


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