Everwood - Dec. 8, 2005

Honestly this show gets better each week. I've always loved it, but for some reason they've really hit their stride in this 4th season. There's just so much emotional honesty and such history in each interaction that it has created this desperation and sadness to these characters lives that just fits without being melodramatic.

Now for the melodramatic... I bawled my eyes out for the last 10 minutes this week. When Ephram and Amy had their moment with the postcards I could barely see the screen. When he had no other choice than to tell her he still loved her, a single tear streamed down my rosy cheek and I sniveled... it was heartbreaking because in part for her, it was just a release. God its so good. And the tears weren't helped by the bookending of the episode with Devotchka's "How It Ends" - that's a weeper!


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