Veronica Mars - Society of Gays For More Shirtless Lamb (SoGFMSL)

Screencap: UPN

Welcome to the Society of Gays For More Shirtless Lamb!

It has taken me quite a while to warm up to the glory that is Sheriff Don Lamb on televisions greatest teen noir (and I guess only) Veronica Mars but I've finally fallen head over heals for this snarky and incredibly hot man of the law. Sure he's an asshole beyond compare, sure he's got an ego the size of California, and sure he's got 'tude but when you're busting the likes of Logan and Veronica on a weekly basis, you're attitude and wit have to stay in check and so do those abs! Good god!

In Mars' most homoerotic scene of the series to date, Sheriff Lamb takes off his wife beater to flex some literal and figurative muscle in front of Papa Mars and it is HOT BUSINESS!

Who knew that lurking underneath that spaghetti limp faux bravado was a hulking hunk of tender juicy white meat? Seriously, a Lamb/Deputy Leo sandwhich would stop my pacemaker, you know... if I had one or if I was like 90.
Attn: Rob Thomas... More Shirtless Lamb (The Other Other Other White Meat)!


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