Current Faves and Raves

American Idol though only having aired 2 audition episodes is kicking major ass so far. That tan girl is just plain retarded and I loved every second of her Paris Hilton wannabe attitude and 'coon makeup. Simon is beyond evil and impatient this go-round and I couldn't be happier watching it. And... "I Shot The Sherrif But I Did Not Shoot The Depute" is on par with one of the funniest auditions in all 5 years of this show. Good god, this is funny stuff.

Project Runway contines to be great television as well. Santino is a fucking fruitcake and is in major need of a strapped down straight-razor cutting. Nick is my favorite and I hope he kicks Santino's ass all the way to the end! If only we had a microphone in the house as Jon tried tirelessly to get me to properly say Heidi Klum's farewell "Auf Wiedersehen"

Why haven't we seen "Veronica Mars" in like a hundred years? I miss my sluethella!


  • Hello,

    I work for UPN and came across your blog because you're a fan of "Veronica Mars." Wanted to let you know that a brand new episode will air this Wednesday, January 25 at 9PM on UPN.

    Happy Viewing!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/23/2006 04:13:00 PM  

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