Veronica Mars - "Donut Run"

So I finally finished watching this week's 11pm broadcast (which was actually 11:07pm) of Veronica Mars! After a seven week break it was nice to see the super slueth back in action though I do have some comments to make...

This should have been the episode they ended with before the seven week break as it in many ways an episode of closure. We finally were able to end the whole Duncan & Veronica saga (if not for good, at least for a really long time). Meg's baby is out of the picture - teen pregnancy doesn't only ruin the lives of the teen involved, it ruins the show for the viewers. Good ridiance Baby Lily. Baby Lily, did anyone find it frighteningly gross that Duncan named the baby after his dead sister? It had shadows of Boone and Shannon written all over it - sicka! It makes some sense though, in that he's honoring his dead sister. The only other obvious name would have been Meg, but if he truly and always will love Veronica, he would never have named the baby after Meg. Tangent much?

The end brought upon in this episode is the relationship as we knew it for Papa Mars and Baby V! She finally crossed the very thin line between friend and parent, protector and protected, father and daughter. She lied, decieved, and misled not only the Neptune police, Lucy Lawless' ballbusting FBI agent, but she fucked with her Dad in the process. It was reckless and thoughtless on Veronica's part - something we rarely get to see from this beyond her years teen... she acted her age for once.

Can I just mention how much I love Lamb and his "I speak a little Mexican" comment? Not only that but the payoff later with the Mexican hotel that had the sign "American Also Spoken" brilliance.

This episode also marked the end of the innocence for Wallace! This ep should have been called "I Know What You Did Late November In Chicago" as he and his Chi-town crew ran over a homeless person while drunk. If Anne Heche shows up all crazy-like, there's bound to be some hooks to grind. See, an episode of endings that could have geared us up for the second half of this already incredible season. I'm not saying I didn't like the episode or that it didn't have it's merits (Weevil and Logan together are incredible - and someone got thee to Jenni Craig because his tattoo'd body finally looked trim again - all together now: "Thank You Jenni") it was just weak placement in the lineup and timing with that whole seven week hiatus and all. I'm just sayin'...


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