SAG Awards 2006?

Brokeback was shut out. Shut Out! How is that so? Heath especially deserved to win and when I saw Brokeback I didn�t think it was even a possibility that he wouldn�t. Yet here we are time after time again watching either Joaquin Pheonix or Philip Seymour Hoffman win.

Here is my main gripe with these wins as well as Reese Witherspoon�s honor. I�m sure they were all good performances but in each case these actors were playing an actual person. The biopic continues to shine with critics and audiences yet somehow in my mind they�re getting more tiresome with each new release and award show win. I�m man enough to admit that I get more turned off when the people I want to win don�t win- so I�m a biased commentator. Watching, studying, and then mimicking a person is an art and I commend these actors for their craft but in what world is mimicking a living person more incredible than say Felicity Huffman abandoning her gender identity to become a pre-op transsexual?

The biopic ban that�s been in effect for a number of years may reign supreme again this year as more and more of my bans are revealed. This is Year 3 of my not feeling the biopic. When will it all end?

Oh, kudos to Sean Hayes for his satirical acceptance speech which consisted of his not so subtle digs at critics and the public for honoring the �courage� Heath and Jake found to play gay when he and Eric McCormack have been doing it for 8 years.


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