Veronica Mars Bloggers Press Day

Oh I'll be cozying up next to Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell on February 27th at the Veronica Mars Bloggers Press Day on set in San Diego. There will be a set tour and then a luncheon with series creator Rob Thomas and hopefully some of the cast.

It will be a time to chat with Thomas in hopes of uniting bloggers and getting them to further spread the good word about Veronica Mars. I guess in preparation for the CW merger in the fall, they are looking to get more word of mouth out there to let people know Veronica Mars is more than a teen high school show. It's a stylish revamping of the noir genre as little Ms. Snoops A Lot solves the mysteries behind who killed her best friend Lily Kane and more recently why a school bus of kids went off a cliff into the ocean killing 8 students on board, one of which was supposed to be my favorite martian herself, Veronica!

I will keep you posted on the event and hopefully will have updates from San Diego and pictures to share when I return! Neptune, here I come!


  • Hey...have your heard anymore about the trip? If you're coming from Boston we will probably be on the same plane!! Supposedly we are leaving Sunday but I haven't heard anything from my UPN contact. Have you? Can you email me? (info-AT-Givememyremote-DOT-com)

    By Anonymous Give Me My Remote, at 2/21/2006 05:51:00 PM  

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