Arrested Development Finale


For real, it's over? No more Michael? No more Ganghi? No more Tobias and his ever evolving sexual orientation? No more magic? It was sad to know this is more than likely the end of one of televisions most provocative, smart, demanding, and down right brilliant shows ever. Buster said it best... "Oh Come On!"

As Michael teared up during his last speech before sailing off into the sunset with his son George Michael, I couldn't help wonder if his (read: mine) tears were real or all for show? (I know they were fake and the Bluth family reaction to displaying an actual emotion was one of disgust and embarassment - similar to the look Jon was giving me at the same moment - it's a TV show for fucks sake). Alas, it's over and I barely feel like I had time to process the wealth of humor in these final 4 episodes. Let's try...

- Lindsay's adopted... and 40!
- George Michael and Maeby were married - but in the end it's okay, they're only adopted cousins afterall!
- The real Saddam lives in a Bluth Model Home with numerous Saddam decoys.
- "The Cheney Expressway was backed up all the way to Halliburton Road"
- The multiple nods to Rita (MR.F and the paper announcement were not to be topped by Michael's "that's retar..." refrain).
- Annyong... Hello... Annyong... Hello? The Frozen Banana Stand War rages on!
- Tobias and Lindsay are into Man Michael and Woman Michael who happen to be the same person.
- Lucille is the real brains behind the whole family and George Sr. is just a pawn in her game.
- Nellie Bluth is both Lindsay's real name and the name of a hooker that's "blown - you forgot to say 'away'" them all! Frank (Franklin the puppet and Gob is her pimp)!
- Franklin's "George Bush Does Not Care About Black Puppets" shirt!!!
- Judge Reinhold and the Hung Jury. "My Name's Judge"
- Buster's fake coma and the horrid things he endured - most frightening were the horny gay Senator and the Cosmetic Surgery Training (oh those collagen injections almost made me pee).
- Anne (her?) is dating Gob.
- Black Friday!

After I rewatch these episodes, I'm sure there will be 100 more things to laugh and cry about! I will miss my Bluth's and their sadistic sense of humor. A part of me died this weekend, I hope FOX is happy about that.


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