My Name Is Sayid Jarrah and I am a Torturer!

It's kinda hot this torture business!

First we got Ethan Rome, now Henry Gale (Wizard of Oz). 2 literary references of sorts and 2 Others! Apparently those Others have a lot of reading time on their hands in between kidnappings! Gotta pass the time somehow.

I was pissed that I missed the Kate picture in the truck at the end. Duh, her Dad was a retired military guy how did I not piece together that THIS WAS KATE'S DAD IN THE TRUCK WITH SAYID?!! I absolutely love how everyone has overlapped in one way or another. What I don't love is being asked if that was Kate in the picture by a coworker that I usually point the Easter Eggs out to! DAMN YOU AMY!!!! Good catch!

Clancy Brown, I miss you without the tattoos and blood pouring from you eyes, RIP "CARNIVALE"

The clock hit 000.00 and we got some shimmy shaking, rumbly noise and some black and red scary hieroglyphics of which I only caught a flame and an arrow I think. Must rewatch in slow-mo tonight! Could the symbols match each of the hatch symbols? The arrow was in the newest hatch Dharma logo wasn't it? Christ...

Sawyer is pure evil btw - happy charming and apologetic one second and then crushing a poor tree frog in his hand the next. Poor thing!

"We are all Others!"

And um, Charlie is soooo going to die by the end of the season. Think about it. Besides my not caring at all if he lives or dies - he crossed the line with Claire and Locke. He tried to kidnap Sun to put fear into everyone and cause the chaos Sawyer wanted. Now Sayid is tempting Charlie with Ethan's hanging incident. Charlie is a pawn and will end up dead (I hope) before this season closes. So sayeth ME!

From my friend Donna courtesy of some fancy web folk...

The hieroglyphics mean "CAUSE TO DIE" See pic here

Guess that blows my Dharma logo theory out of the water... DAMN!


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