American Idol - 12 Guys and Counting...

I will say one thing for the men of American Idol Season 5 � they�ve got quite the amount of personality between them all! Each one is a character no matter how good or how bad they sing they had something to say and something memorable about them (more than I can say about the whole middle section of girls that performed). Each one was happy and nervous just trying to get through their first studio/live performance and interacted with the judges and with Seacrest.

If someone tells me that creepy Aiken alike alien head Patrick Hall is married to that lip monster that was in the audience I will absolutely die. She had bigger lips than that lion woman Jocelyn Wildenstein � maybe she was that tranny freakshow Amanda Lepore � all I know is that this Patrick kid is from Vegas so she sooooo could be an aged ex-showgirl that he met in an AA meeting or something. Creeps me out!

Crooner David Radford, this little kid is like the cutest thing on earth and I�m going to jail for even typing that. He�s just so wholesome and precious with his little crooner ways and winning clean cut American smile. This Crazy Little Thing Called Love � don�t know about �love� but he had the crowd jumping and he had some Elvis swivels here and there� enough to carry him on another week.

Will Makar � everyone sounds like little Mikey Jackson when they are 7 years old� you�re not talented.

Bucky Covington � for real? I can barely look at him let alone stand the gravel strain in his voice. Not a fan nor am I a fan of Chin-Strap Elliot Yamin � if he sang the best of all the males apparently my hearing aid was turned off. Maybe I just can�t look past that face, those teeth, and those elfish ears � didn�t this kid knock up Britney Spears?

No Sway I�m digging this kid�s vibe. I have to admit, I do not think I am ready for his jelly� or that hat. Simon was so right, there was something Pimpy about it all � and not in a good smack Pam Greer around sorta way.

Kevin Covais � My little heart just goes out to this deer in the head lights. He actually does have an okay voice though, if he can just learn to relax he�ll be fine. I love his parents too, they must be beyond proud of their kid.

Gedeon, last week at work I circulated his �contestant� picture from and just could not believe those teeth and that wide ass smile. It�s quite amazing. As much as �Shout� is a gimmick song, it worked for this kid. I enjoyed it! Simon, love ya for the mouth comment. LOVE YA!

Now it�s time to get to the Mayor of HalloweenTown from Nightmare Before Christmas Mr. Bobby Bennett this kid is high-sterical! I cannot even look at him without laughing look at that �contestant� picture of him, it�s just funny. He�s a big, jolly, effeminate, Maniloving fool and I love every second of it! He is too much and I keep expecting him to pull of a Cher lick his lips move at the end of every song. Genius!

Chris Daughtry, there is something hot about this bald man, I know� I know� I�m crazy but there is something sexy in his strong confident attitude. Like Bo Bice last season, he seems the most at ease and natural performing. It fits him well, all I�m saying.

Ace, I still don�t trust his well planned hair, scruff, and rosy cheeks but I can tell ya, there were a many in American that wanted to call him Daddy last night! Paula, honestly � do you wonder how these sexual tryst allegations arise? Put a towel under her Coke cup, drool much?

And now my man, Taylor Hicks! I LOVE TAYLOR HICKS! He lives, breathes, and feels music in his soul. Taylor Hicks is that kind of guy that has 4000 vinyl records in his apartment and knows everything about everyone of them. He too is a natural and deserves to be final 4!

Paula�s Poodle Pound � Not yet. Give it more time Paula � why you gotta be like Randy?


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