Does UPN Pawn Z-List Reality Stars Onto Veronica Mars?

photo: UPN

I�m serious in asking this multi-part question� Does Veronica Mars have any say in who guests on their fabulous show and do these random Z-List reality whores hurt the integrity of the show?

Now before anyone goes freaking out on me, I�m not talking about the Joss Whedon�s or Kevin Smith�s of the cameo world. I�m talking about America�s Next Top Model�s Naima who apparently played a bigger role than we imagined when she was driven off that cliff in the season premiere. I�m talking about America�s Next Top Model�s butch dyke Kim as a begrudged car rental agent. I�m talking about the biggest loser of them all, Laguna Beach�s (as her �Let�s Get This Party Started� was promptly canned so she can be known once again for her bitchy self�) Kristin Cavalleri who will be playing a �closeted� gay cheerleader when Mars returns in March.

Sure, they�re fun pop cultural references to spot in random episodes but is there a purpose beyond what seems to be �Why Not?� Is Rob Thomas sitting in his $4000 shower crying that UPN is forcing cross-over cameos or is he sitting there brainstorming with UPN suits about which ones will bring in more viewers? I�m not saying it�s really hurting or helping the show, I�m just saying that it�s an interesting pattern we�re seeing. It�s not like Ant from VH1�s Celebrity Fit Club is popping by as their flamboyant drama coach � the cameos are kept in the �family� so to speak. Ponder and get back to me.


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