The Office - "Dwight's Speech"

We almost wore out our Replay button last night! Which moment you ask? When Angela shoots up to robotically say: "The best of luck to you Dwight." He shoots back a just as rushed and robotic thank you and then Pam gives one of the best looks she's ever given to the camera! The more I watched it the more I laughed. I was sweating because I had worked myself up so much with laughter. Then after like the 15th replay I noticed the babies poster behind her and it made me laugh even harder! Sheer Brilliance!

Jim's booking his non-refundable vacation to Australia the weekend of Pam and Roy's wedding was heartbreaking. When Pam finds out, notice how her eyes gloss over and get teary but she never lets it show as she passes it off like no big deal. KILLS ME! They are amazing.

Kelly's psychotic obsession with Ryan continues to be a shining moment. "I know what I said" was one of the nastiest moments in this shows history and I love it! Ryan has a real mean spirit and contempt for these people and its funny how he masks it so well at times.


"Cancel the wallpaper..."

The Dunder Mifflin Newsletter hanging up in Michael's cabinet with the huge picture of Jan!

Do you think Jim was trying to sabotage Dwight or do you think he knew this was the only thing Dwight would connect to? Part of me thinks both.

Angela's disguise!

"A vagina"

Dwight tackling Ryan, Creed, and Stanley!

It's all just so good and watching Michael bomb onstage and then have to witness Dwight (whom he's always regarded as an "idiot") conquer the room was painful... but great!


Here is a fun link to Jenna Fischer (Pam) on the Today Show.


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