American Idol - The Top 20

Alrighty tonight four more losers are going home and I finally have a second to recap before the show!

The Top 10 Ladies:
They all blew so I'm not even going to bother mentioning any of their performances. It was quite possibly the worst showing of female contestants since Diana Degarmo hit the stage. Any of them are at risk tonight but I will say that more than likely the second stripper of the group, Heather "Sucks" Cox is out along with Kinnik or Brennatude. Everyone was just so off and I swear a couple of them completely missed their musical intros, causing them to be off for the rest of the song. Hell didn't two of them even miss the first line of the song? Breena? Uh-huh.

The Top 10 Guys:
Taylor Hicks should be checked out by a physician because I am almost positive he's got progeria (with that aged gray hair) or tourettes (with his uncontrollable ticks and "whoas". Regardless, he is still one of my favorites to watch and call me a softie or a Mommas Boy but I love me that song! Apparently I am easy like a Sunday morning!

Elliott Yamin I guess he's got a good voice, but I honestly cannot look at him on screen. From those ears to those teeth all the way to that Rocky Dennis from Mask face... I just can't.

Ace is loooking ragged and strung out, no? His eyes were all bulging out and he looked as if sleep was two years ago. He was just so boring and flat to my untrained ears. He's so contrived with his movements and looks but it comes across as constipation.

Giddeon tamed that white picket fence of a smile down this week and rocked the house! He just really picks fun songs that showcase his personality and voice. He's a smart contestant and it shows!

Kevin Covais - again I have to say I love this kid. From his ladies man mockery to the Chicken Little comparison that almost made me pee... this kid is brilliance!

No Sway

Peter Brady, er... Will Makar was 12 when Kelly Clarkson crowned her victory and he looks up to Justin Guarini? 12? Kevin Covais was a fetus.

Bucky Bennett can we not shave and get a hair cut? You may not know what Spicy Tuna Roll is but I know they make razors and soap in those backwoods you grew up in. Besides the matching set of Elliott Yamin chompers this kid continues to impress me with his Contry Rock stylings. He's got a real shot.

Poor David, "stick to what you know" they told him last week - so he does. This week they just "weren't feeling it dawg." Well cut the kid some slack, he actually knows who he is and what he does best and I for one thought it was a really good vocal selection for him. Sure he's still a little green up there, but you beating him down each week isn't helping SIMON!

Ahhhhhh, Chris Daughtry you are on fire! Not only is he the sexiest contestant Idol's ever had - he's the most passionate and sincere with his performance. He really does sound like he could be on the radio today... he is the one to beat in '06!

Who's going out of the men? Realistically it must be David and Will, right? Your thoughts please!


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