The Office - "Take Your Daughter to Work Day"

Michael Scott's the saddest human being on earth Moment #212: The video of his appearance on that kids show "Fundle Bundle." His little 12 year old suited up self proclaiming to a soon to be speechless sock puppet his adulthood wish is to get married and have 100 kids so he can have 100 friends and noone will be able to say they don't want to be his friend. Oh god my heart sank. You knew it surprised him, he had remembered it much differently and his sitting alone in his office afterward (supposedly) crying was almost too much to handle. Did you catch the look on Pam's face, like she just wanted to hug him or reverse time when he said that to the sock-puppet? So sad... but amazing! I abso have fallen in love with Jenna Fischer! Call me...

I need to rewatch it this weekend because I'd like to quote Stanley as he rips Ryan a new ass in the kitchenette! Frighteningly funny!

Angela's subtle hint about what traits she wishes for in her mate and Dwight's subsequent belittling of that bastard boy was one of my favorite moments this season. The smile and joy on Angela's face after Dwight ruins that kid is sickeningly brilliant! God I love her!

Oh god I almost forgot... "Are you Mother Goose?" Aahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahaahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahaahahahhaahaaaahhahah

More later (Stanley's screaming fit)...


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