American Idol - Final 11!

The Final 11 Perform!

Lil Jenn's Musician's Magic Award #2 goes to the diva herself Mandisa who's powerhouse rendition of "I Don't Hurt Anymore" honey, you made some asses and smiles hurt last night! She was amazing! Her best to date! And girl, I know she's 28 how does she not know Manilow? Come on now!

Bucky A Little Less Sarah Jessica Simpson A Little More Trailer Park Covington did what for the first time this season I would actually classify as an Amusement Park Cover Song! It was, "if I'm being honest here" the worst song I've ever heard sung on Idol. "Oh Boy," you're in the Bottom 3 tonight.

Paris pulled out an incredibly sultry and powerful version of "Fever" - this really is what made me love her back in the auditions process where she weasled her way in with her famous granmama. Her best in weeks!

Chris Daughtry, where is the iTunes weekly sampler because I'm beyond ready to buy! Hot damn, lock me up and make me your prison bitch, I will walk the line for you my friend. Wow, he is just... wow! Oh god, then they show jacked up toothy Constantine from last season like there is any comparison. And did anyone else think that Ryan Cabrara looked like he went through a rainstorm? His hair was almost normal. I hate him. But CHRIS, I LOVES YA!

Katharine McFEVER! Good god what double stick tape can pull off! She just exudes sex and not in a stripper slutty kinda way - in this super classy lounge singer fuck me eyes kinda way. Sweet Jesus the girl is hot business and ya, she can sing too! Love her.

Taylor Hicks, "Not Fade Away" boy watch yourself that quirky energy was fun to watch and you sounded fine but the whole time I thought my tv was skipping. You couldn't find a song with more lyrics? For real? There was like 1 verse and 1 chorus line repeated for 8 minutes. Not the best song choice and you know I love your silver haired self!

Lisa Tucker, "Why Do Fools Fall in Love?" honey I've got a better song for ya "Hit The Road Jack and don't ya come back no more no more no more no no!" Gets ta gettin' already! She is so week and lame I can barely look at her anymore. She's got less moves on stage than Carrie Underwood's rocking back and forth fetal position stance from last season. Bottom 3 easily.

Kevin Covais
, Chicken Little no more! I actually really appreciated his soft and very controlled version of "When I Fall in Love" which not to be like Randy, is one of my favorite songs! He actually for the first time this whole competition pulled out a true performance where I didn't want to laugh and vote just to keep his dumb ass there! Incredible - ya know for him.

Elliot Yamin, did Star Magazine just tell me he's suffering from Leukemia? Add that to the list of other issues going on and this boy is a medical marvel. I will go the Paula route this week and say he actually looked like a normal human being this week. His ears weren't as elfish, his mouth seemed not as open and the fake and bake has subsided! I could watch him for the first time all season without throwing up a little in my mouth. Good job.

Kelly Pickle Pickler just needs to go home - though I will say she did one of her best performances to date! Not that that says much, huh? I want to say bottom three, but I really need to reserve that for the rosey one.

Ace Young, just knowing that some snot-faced toehead 8 year old from California loves you makes me hate you even more. Come on Seacrest with that little JonBenet! Sicka! Bottom 3 and 3.5 for her.


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