Prison Break - "The Rat"

I will start by saying how much I truly enjoyed the first half of the Prison Break season. I�m smart enough to understand the implausibility of the whole situation but breaking the reality barrier and accepting the joyride that Prison Break takes you on was part of the fun. Then Fox had the bright idea of removing Prison Break from the schedule for 4 months. I love me some Wentworth and the other inmates but 4 months is a longtime folks. I have to admit that coming into Monday I was still not one hundred percent sure I was going to step back behind the walls of Fox River Penitentiary�

Boy am I effin glad I did! I never in a million years expected to be so moved and so emotionally invested in Prison Break as was I with this first amazing episode back! I�m man enough to admit that on two separate occasions I became teary-eyed. I also have to admit that I think the actors are now finally feeling comfortable in the emotional skin of their characters� For how great Wentworth is to watch, y�all have to admit he was a little cardboard for a lot of the first half. Very serious, deadpan� even when the scene called for high emotion. And Robin Tunney, every blogger, message boarder, and critic has ripped her to shreds so for any hint of authenticity in her performance it would be an improvement. I officially declare that both Wentworth and Tunney improved and stepped up to the plate when the emotions ran high in this crucial episode leading to Lincoln�s dead man walking final shot!

First, Wentworth goes to the infirmary and asks Sara to speak with his brother to no avail. Then he makes a very emotional plea for her to talk with her now corrupt Governor Father about getting a stay of execution. For the first time this season I felt the pain and the desperation in Michael and it was perfectly acted. I had tears dripping down my face. Incredible scene!

Second, from LJ�s call to his soon to be dead Father all the way through last hugs and finally Lincoln seeing the chair I was a blubbering mess! Everyone had their acting A-Game on and it is exactly what Prison Break needed to come back with! An emotionally engaging but still high tension episode that was no holds barred!

John Heard as the Governor� god he�s a scumbag of serious proportions! As the 11th hour call comes in as Lincoln�s heading down the hall to his doom you actually think for a minute that Sara pulled off the impossible � that her rigid plea to her Father actually did something only to find out the Vice President (the amazingly bitchy and brilliant Patricia Wettig) was in his office forcing his hand in making sure no pardon was extended! I WAS PISSED � It was so incredible!

I�m back. I�m hooked and I�m even more turned on by Sucre� is that wrong? Where is all the man on man prison action already? A Sucre/Scofield sandwich would be mighty tasty don�t ya think?


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