American Idol - I Do Not Feel Like Chicken Tonight


For real, take a moment folks... the sexiest thing since Wentworth Miller will be leaving our weekly viewing schedule for good. Sure, he was a ladies man... noone's proved he Fathered Fantasia's children; sure he's got millions screaming for him and magazines picking up on his diabetes but does that mean we shouldn' love the little philanderer? Ladies and Gentlemen a moment of silence for Kevin Covais!




... who I cannot fucking believe got kicked out over Bucky A Little Less Sarah Jessica Simpson A Little More Trailer Park But I'm Secure Enough In My Manhood to Kiss Another Man on Stage Covington tonight! I was actually really sad for Little! I for some reason have this really strange love for his parents. Like this was their only shot at a normal teenage son so I wanted them to cherish this as long as they could before he goes back to ripping apart Apple IIe computers and pretending to be a hobbit. I will miss this kid - and we didn't even get to see him sing something like Air Supply which hands down would have been amazing! God I love me some Air Supply... hey, I'm a man of the 80s.

A woman at work cannot deal with Chris Daughtry's "S"burns and she's going to be so upset when we talk tomorrow because she was positive they were gone last night! Nope, still there on that crazy, sexy, cool face of his.

Jon has this theory that for a good 30 years Barry Manilow has been blind and its just never been leaked. Now, I highly doubt it but I did notice both last night and especially tonight during his performance that there is this very stare through you look going on - almost like he's not looking at anyone or anything so there may be something to this! Investigate.

Barry, YOU CAN SANG! I have always loved me some Barry... and yes, I am a Fanilow! Not as big of a Fanilow as my cousin Kelly who seriously has seem him almost 30 times in her 32 years on this earth but still a fan nonetheless! Good god that man is a singer! You know who else was in gay heaven watching Barry perform? Weeble Wobble himself, Bobby Bennet who apparently will be in Vegas seeing Barry on April 12th! That was fun-E!


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