American Idol - The Terrible Ten!


Everyone was sooooo off tonight that it was almost an unbearable hour of television. Can you imagine if this dreck was stretched out in typical Idol fashion to their two hour antics of recent? God, I would have used one of Paris' hair extensions to strangle myself with. Gawd Awful!

No one tonight is winning the Lil Jenn Musicians Magic Award this week... I can tell you that much!

Lisa Tucker - Gone this week. Easy out. You do not tackle the flawless Kelly Clarkson. Lisa, just "Walk Away"

Pickle - "Suds in a bucket" On what planet do country stars live? Who is supposed to identify with this? 1812 Colonists? The laundromat owners of the world? Were millions of dry cleaners waving steam irons in the air praising this ridiculous song? It was so trashy and twangy - it was like watching a lifeless "Real Doll" for 3 minutes. Yuck.

Ace - I wish somone would drop you from Jupiter crushing your stupid rehearsed phony face into the ground. You cannot match Pat from Train's power or range so why even try. And the showing of that scar - sicka! Is that from a nail file accident in a Gay Gang Fight from "West Hollywood Story?"

Taylor Hicks once again was a bore. He was better than last week but there was still really nothing there to sink my teeth into. Though his segment did give the best line of the night:

"If this is Clay Aiken, that is very Kelly Clarkson"

Gotta love making fun of Simon's young shirts that show his manboobs.

Mandisa - honey you lost me at "God"

Chris - "What If" we don't vote for you based soley on the fact that not only did you claim to like Creed but you also chose to perform it. No, some things are better kept secret. Like the fact that Paula is in love with you or that you have two adopted kids. Is it possible to switch the recent Scott Stapp sex tape with one of Chris Daughtry? Now that I would watch AND listen to over and over and over and...

McPheever - a little tepid tonight. I couldn't tell where on earth the judges got off thinking the arrangement was just like Christina's. It so wasn't. It was okay but she seemed really lost and drowned out in the beginning. I wasn't feeling it dawg.

Bucky Covington - How is it possible that you were one of the best toni - wait a minute did they just show his "wife" those southerners do love to marry young. If you're doing Tim McGraw you should at least pack the front of your tight ass jeans to show off that bulge like he does!

Paris - "Work it out" indeed! She was even busting out some bootylicious moves! NICE!

Elliott - am I wrong in thinking that he forgot the words once toward the beginning but noone called him out on it? He seemed to me to be having trouble keeping up with the pacing of the song though he did have fun and compared to the rest of the idols tonight he's a winner.


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