American Idol Eliminations
photo from (where they got it I have no clue)

There is not a chance in hell that Katharine McPhee was in the bottom three this week! I refuse to believe that the producers of Idol didn't take certain liberties with the bottom three for dramatic effect. I refuse.

Is someone seriously trying to convince us that Bucky Sleeps With Goats Covington scored more votes than McPheever? I actually screamed outloud "WHAT?" when Seacrest (in a tie from the Sears collection circa 1978) said Bucky could stay on the bleachers leaving our bottom three to be Lisa Tucker (duh), Ace (double duh) and poor McPheever.

"WHAT?" came out even louder and with more disbelief when Ryan told Ace to have a seat leaving the bottom two to be Lisa Tucker and McPheever. Did you see how nervous McPhee got when Ace sat down? She could barely concentrate - shocked in disbelief! As we all were. I guess it just goes to show that too many people assume that the really good singers are safe so why bother dialing in. Betcha that won't happen again.


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