Is The Gutte Molesting Neptune High's Best And Brightest?

It seems that the last two episodes of Veronica Mars (that I just finally caught up on with my friend Faux'vo) have been hinting at the fact that little Mayor Woody (Steve Guttenberg) may be laying his hands on more than the law. He may have a penchant for high school boys.

  • Exhibit A: The overly tight way in which he squeezed young Logan Echolls biceps.
  • Exhibit B: Peter was about to "out" someone important and that's the only reason he went on the field trip to Sharks Stadium in the first place. Who did they meet at Shark Stadium beside Jackie's dad baseball legend Terrence Cooke? Yup, Mayor McFeelsalot!
  • Exhibit C: A blackmailing tape was sent about um, Woody and if its not related to his Gardner could it be related to Mayor McWoody's affair with a dead bus crash student?
  • Exhibit D: There have been numerous shots of Little League photos and Woodster.

Question: Does Beaver have any connection to Mayor McWoody McFeelsalot? Could his intimacy issues with Mac have anything to do with being run up the Mayors Flagpole? Beaver is one hostile kid and its slowly coming out! Love him as I do, Cassidy Casablancas has the brains to become an evil mastermind. If we thought Kendall was trying to scam Beav, its more than likely the other way around.

Question: Who is Sally and what connection does this "Sally" have to Dick and/or Beaver. Remember back to the winter carnival episode when would that he could, spit out the memories Dick was set up by Beaver to go down on a male prostitute? Remember, Dick almost pummeled the Beav until "Sally" was brought up and he slinked away? Who is SALLY God Damn You Rob Thomas et al.



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